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We are a Dubai based company that began in 2004 as a division within one of the oldest companies in the U.A.E. In 2012 we established ourselves as a seperate entity. We have developed a highly skilled, knowledgable and well trained team and focus on niche services within the flooring, water and ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) service requirements. This spans many sectors including residential,  commercial, construction, utility, facility management and many others. From our offices and warehouse facility in Dubai Investment Park, we are able to serve all of the U.A.E. and if needed we can also support projects in the Gulf and East Africa. We are fully equiped with all required tools, machinery, vehicles and underwater robotic fleet.

Craftsmanship & Technology

Providing a great work atmosphere, new and best in class tools and machinery, regular product and skills training coupled with experience assures a high quality of craftsmanship. Adopting and incorporating technology into our processes keeps us efficient, able to respond quickly to our customers and maintain a leading position. Management and site engineers use our cloud based CRM, finance and project management I.T. platforms to improve project coordination and delivery.

Site technicians receive, update and interact with site engineers by using wearable technology. We work closely with our customers to ensure that we are delivering the most efficient solutions even to the extent that together with suppliers we have designed and delivered bespoke equipment tailored to the customers needs such as the Weda YT 5000 for Emaar which is the world’s largest underwater cleaning robot with a cleaning head of 5 meters.

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