6,910 kWh sent to Omani Grid

In January 2015 the Higher College of Technology (HCT), Oman won 1st place in the Oman Eco House Design competition.

The competition, driven by The Oman Research Council, was between 5 Omani Universities whose staff and students were tasked with building a family villa that considered current and future environmental needs.

Each villa was approximately 350 m2 and had to meet stringent rules (Full details can be found by visiting www.ecohouse.trc.gov.om ) and judged in the following categories, of which HCT finished first in 6!

  1. Conceptual Design & Design Development
  2. Architecture
  3. Engineering
  4. Sustainability
  5. Communications
  6. Comfort Zone
  7. Appliances/Lighting/Electronics
  8. Energy Balance.

Knowing that the buildings envelope was key to ensuring that environmental technologies applied would perform well, HCT chose NUDURA for their entries structural envelope.

Using NUDURA they knew that they were able to attain proven U values of 0.24, build a safe and strong structure, build fast and easily design in, traditional building systems, if needed and build in a simpler manner.

All of the villas built, were monitored throughout the duration of the competition, with live data covering energy consumption and production and many other critical elements being fed into a central database for analysis and final scoring.

That data is still feeding through until now and as of June 1st 2015 the Villa produced an excess of 6,910 kWh which it has sent back to the Omani electrical grid.

Equi Nox is proud to have provided the technical consultancy and supervision of the NUDURA installation. Together with Carillion Alawi, the superstructure was completed, from foundation level,  with intermediate floors and roofing within 32 days. Equally as important the young engineers of HCT were able to quickly pick up the building process and help us to build this award winning structure.

The Bona System Training

Being a part of the flooring industry for more than 100 years, Bona know the demands of the professionals by heart. They look at the floor from a lifetime perspective and make products work together from start to finish to maximize and secure long lasting results. This is called the Bona System. Professional products that bring out the best in wooden floors.

Over two days together with installers from other companies, some of our staff, under the guidance of Bona’s EMEA Technical Managers, brushed up on their flooring skills, techniques and product knowledge. The session on the new range of Bona craft oils was very exciting especially that by adding Bona Rich Tone or Bona Nordic Tone to the new range of Bona Craft Oils you are able to bring out some marvellous and trending flooring colours and effects.

The new Bona 2k oil solution was also covered. This is a totally new product that is to be rolled out in Europe and USA in the coming quarters and will be available to us by the years end. In essence the new system allows us to coat a floor in oil and retain the rich natural look that oil delivers and also add super strong water based coatings such as Bona HD Traffic so that maintenance of the floor is greatly reduced.

Whilst many in the flooring industry pay little attention to adhesives they are a vital element of a successful flooring installation. 1 component Silane adhesives are out selling all other types of adhesive systems and with the new “sausage” packing even in our climate the product has an extended shelf life of 2 years! This coupled with the fact that you just don’t waste any material and that the performance is far better, makes moving to Silane adhesives a good quality and economical choice. Equi Nox will phase out the use of 2 component adhesives and move solely to the 1 component silane range.

This is another step in the right direction……..improving product performance for customers, improving the health and safety of our staff, improving efficiency and last but not least improving quality.

We will keep you updated.