Tank Cleaning in Oman

Equi Nox cleans Gulf’s largest water in take bay

The Weda Underwater Robot in operation at a depth of 12 m

Majis, a unique industrial water solution provider in Oman. 

Majis Industrial Services (Majis) was established in 2006 to provide water services to Oman’s growing industrial port and other special economic areas in Sohar. Majis started its operations by providing seawater for cooling purposes to the tenants of Sohar Industrial Port Area (SIPA) and has since grown to become a one-stop water utilities solution provider.

Operating one of the largest seawater pumping stations in the Gulf region. Existing seawater facilities of 334,000 m3/hr include a 700 m long intake channel, a pumping station, an electrochlorination plant (with a production capacity of 702 kg/hour), and the return canal through which the extracted water is discharged to the open sea after being used by the industrial customers of the Sohar Industrial Port Area.

Majis selected Equi Nox to remove the build up of sediment that had accumulated into the main intake bay. The sediment comprised mainly of sand, shells and barnacles proved to be a great challenge to collect and dispose of too a prepared discharge area some 300 metres far from the intake bed, as the operation could not be shut down during the cleaning process so that the massive pumps remained working and serviced the needs of Majis’s customers throughout the port area. With the depth of the water being over 10 m deep and all minor and major bays being enclosed visual operation was not possible.

Preparing the Weda Underwater Robot

Using a video feed from a Weda underwater robot the Equi Nox team was able to remotely operate the vehicle and progressively remove the sediment and successfully cleaned the beds of all of the water intake bays bays of all build up. Majis was extremely happy with the Equi Nox approach, commitment and accomplishment of this project and in addition to a commitment to using Equi Nox for future cleaning requirements at the Sohar location they expressed their intent to expand the use of Equi Nox’s unique underwater solutions & services for other locations where they operate.

Tank Cleaning in Oman

Over 20m3 of sediment was removed