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We are a company in Dubai that began in 2004 as a division within one of the oldest companies in the U.A.E. In 2012 we established ourselves as a seperate entity. We have developed a highly skilled, knowledgable and well trained team and focus on niche services within the flooring, water reservoir cleaning / maintenance and ICF construction requirements. This spans many sectors including residential,  commercial, construction, utility, facility management and many others. We also supply a range of good quality wooden flooring & building materials such as parquet flooring, engineered wood flooring, solid hardwood flooring & floor sanding machines. From our offices and warehouse facility in Dubai Investment Park, we are able to serve all of the U.A.E. and if needed we can also support projects in the Gulf and East Africa. We are fully equiped with all required tools, machinery, vehicles and underwater robotic fleet.

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